E-messages aren’t always right

Those modern e-messages aren’t always the right fit…

Some folks have a funny way of remembering anniversaries. People hold many different ideas about the importance of remember dates. As modes of acknowledging and celebrating events have transferred to a digital platform from traditional hand written memes like cards and letters, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have replaced Hallmark for many of us.

Facebook has become the easy way to acknowledge a birthday or anniversary and also a simple way of inviting large groups of people to come together to celebrate various milestones and events. Any day that a friend has a birthday, Facebook will populate a message in your notifications with an easy way to respond and quickly post a “Happy Birthday.” This is a great to feel a flood of appreciation from those who would otherwise not know or remember that you were born that day. This is both a plus and a minus. The plus is that you can see that 150-people wished you well. The minus is that one can feel discouraged if they don’t get enough from their Facebook friends list.

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