During Valentine’s Day, it is inevitable that we get imported roses or give store-bought ones from a florist or a grocery store. Of course, it will be greatly appreciated but do you know what your loved ones would appreciate more? If you get the ones that you’ve put your hard work and heart into. Something that no amount of money can top and no store can parallel. The best way to say “I love you” in Valentine’s Day is to say it with flowers that you’ve grown yourselves.



With all the people in the world exchanging flowers, give yourself a challenge and start growing your own flowers and plants in your own backyard. Not only does it gives you a beautifully organized, fragrant and clean backyard, it also gives you unlimited supply of flowers you can use all year round. The flowers and plants can be a very meaningful gift for any occasion. We could delve into the language and meaning of the flowers like love, ardor, remembrance, peace among others.

Or if the words are just not enough, just put them in a beautiful vase, arrange them a little bit and let them speak for themselves. Never be unprepared for any occasion and start foraying your flower beds in the backyard. These flowers and plants below are perfect not only for Valentine’s Day but for all occasions!

  • Rosemary

Although more famously known as an herb for cooking, it can actually bloom bright blue flowers. It has a beautiful evergreen shrub with needle-like leaves. Not only does it have a distinct fragrance, it also looks beautiful. It can be useful in the kitchen and for display, too! The flowers of evergreen rosemary grows through spring and summer and it gives the air around you a very nice piney fragrance.

  • Arum

It has an alabaster foliage that will look good with snowdrops. And then from white flowers, it grows into shadowy red fruits: striking red berries. It usually blooms in spring.

  • Hazel (Corylus Avellana)

It has a shiny brown bark and it tends to shreds away usually in horizontal direction. Its twigs are covered in what looks like short hairs. Its leaves are roundish and has serrated edges. It also grows nuts! Not only can you use this plant for flower arrangements because it looks pretty, you can also eat its fruit!

  • Winter-Flowering Honeysuckle (Lonicera Fragrantissima)

It has fragrant cream flowers that grow on bare branches. It is very easy to grow using seeds. It can be planted in a flower bed near your front door because then when the flowers fade, the berries it grows can easily be picked.

  • Pussy Willow Catkins (Salix Gracilistyla)

This flower is a favorite flower every Chinese New Year because it means prosperity and happiness. It looks very beautiful, too!

  • Cherry Plum (Prunus Cerasifera

It has bare dark branches and delicate palest pink flowers grow on them. It can bear cherry plums have fruits, foliage, and flowers in a variety of colors. Its fruit can be eaten fresh when it sweet, but if it’s sour, it can be turned into a jam.

If you need help in prepping your backyard and you would need to clear out some areas with trees, you’re going to need tree service.

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Are you still looking on what to get your special someone this Valentine’s Day? You can always opt to make the gift by your own or you can buy from the store. It doesn’t really matter as long as that gift came from the heart. Gardening is a timeless hobby. If your special someone loves gardening now, chances are that they’re going to be a gardener for the rest of their life. So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift, spoil them with their favorite gardening tools or anything about gardening that they will really love!




You can surprise the green thumb of your life with these Valentine’s Day gift ideas below and you watch their feeling of love bloom in your eyes.

Bon Bons

Chocolates and other sweet treats are the traditional treat of choice for Valentine’s Day. Make yours special by buying or making them cute and fun by shaping them into gardening tools, plants, or flowers. There are also clever seed bombs available on the market. They are shaped like tasty chocolate truffles but they are actually herbs that are ready to plant.

Homemade Card

If there are anything that gardeners love more is anything that is made with hard work and at home. Don’t make just another common card, make yours specials buy making a homemade seed card. Put seed inside the card and plant it together!

Green Is The New Bling

Step aside diamonds, here is a piece of jewelry that won’t break the bank, and it is called a terrarium necklace. It is encased in glass and looks very unique and artsy. Your special someone will love the necklace because it is a mini-me version of the latest trend of terrarium gardening.

Succulents Are The New Roses

If your special someone loves gardening, it usually means that they see flowers all the time. Forget the standard bouquet of roses (that they’ve probably seen a lot already) and give your green thumb valentine a succulent arrangement that can be kept all year-round, plus it’s a low maintenance plant. Make it sweeter by making an activity out of it by creating your own arrangement together with the starter kit that is available on the market.

A Garden Book

This is perfect for the bookshelf because now they can add a garden element everywhere. It can range from the creative process behind making famous gardens, to documentaries, to inspiring photographic tours, to getting influential ideas, and inspirations and planting advice.

Day At A Botanical Garden

Enjoy a special treat with your Valentine. Splurge a little to have fun and spend the day of love at a botanical garden. Arrange an elegant evening or day of cocktails, dancing and desserts. Stroll around the tropical conservatories. Some botanical gardens offer photo booths and perfume-making classes that surely keep the two of you entertained. Buy tickets for the two of you in advance and make sure you get a reservation!

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