Best friends are a treasure in life. Those who have been best friends are truly blessed. They are not like family or your significant other. A best friend is your other self. Someone who is not afraid to tell you what you need to hear when you need to hear it, not someone you will call when you are in trouble but is actually in trouble with you. Even when you are thousands of miles away, your best friend remains close to your heart and will celebrate with you when you are at your best and love you at your worst.

There are so many reasons people give why a person needs a best friend. But, there is no need for explanation. Best friends understand each other like the way siblings are, sometimes even more, that they can read each other’s emotions and thoughts like an open book.

To have some who knows you, accepts and loves you openly, without conditions, is a treasure that not all people are blessed. However, most of time, because your best friend has been there all the time you learn to take their presence for granted.

Just like most relationships, friendships need maintenance too. So how do you show your love to your best friend? Let your best friend know how much he or she matters in your life by these sweet little ways of showing your affection to them.

Write a Letter About Every Which Way Your Best Friend Is Awesome

Even if your best friend is not someone who is sentimental or anything, letting them known through a letter about how awesome they were and how much you value his or her presence in your life is something they will truly appreciate. You can do this as a birthday gift or just random thought, whatever it is, your best friend will be happy.

Post Something or Someone Your Best Friend Likes and Tag Her/ Him

Best friends can sometimes lead busy lives they don’t have time to meet each other or even talk on the phone. In the case, posting a picture or something that will make your friend smile the next time they opened their Facebook account will do. It’s a great way to show that even while scrolling down Facebook, your best friend in on your mind.

Go On Adventures Together

Is your best friend the kind of person who does sometimes needs a push to go out and have fun? Then, be that person to push him or her to experience good things like going on an adventure. With just the two of you or the squad, go on a trip that your friend love and be the person who made such a wonderful experience happen to them.

Do The Weird Stuff Together

One of the pleasures of having a best friend is having someone to share all the quirkiness and weirdness you have. Sometimes, even when you are in a crowd of your friends, your best bud is still the person who gets you the most. A secret between the two of you, weird stuffs you did together, the same obsessions, these are things enough to show your affection to your best friend.


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