You are probably well aware of the expression “Actions speak louder than words” at this point in your life. For some reason, no matter how much we hear this we still end up failing more often than we should at this. This is something that is quite true when it comes to your loved one. It seems easy enough to just say “I love you”, but the expression of love through actions is much more meaningful. Just buying flowers may seem like enough of a gesture, but sometimes you just need something a little more meaningful for your loved one.

A great way to express love is through just random acts of kindness that show your loved one that you were thinking about them. Maybe this means writing a post-it note and placing it on the coffeemaker where you know they will see it. Maybe this means buying your partner their favorite baked good on your way home from work. These are small things that you may not think to do but will certainly leave an impression on your loved one. People just want to know that you are thinking about them when they are not around.

Another thing that you can do to express your love is to remember something they said, no matter how insignificant it may seem. In these passing comments, you may find perfect gifts for any occasion, especially those “just because” moments. One thing to remember is if your significant other had an important meeting or appointment. Text or call them afterwards to ask them how they went. Another aspect to this is remember a story about something meaningful. For instance, maybe your wife told a story about how she always wanted a charm bracelet growing up. You could remember this story and buy her one as an adult. She will be impressed at your thoughtfulness and that you remembered a story she just told you in passing.

Here’s another one to think about. All those projects on the to-do list, start knocking them out. You’re demonstrating that you care about what your partner cares about. This goes along with “actions speak louder than words” mentioned at the start of this article. And consider hiring a pro when a pro is needed. We all want to be able to do it all, but some projects like home renovations or major landscaping like tree removal might really require a pro. When your partner sees to hired a professional to complete a major task what is important to them, they’ll know you really care.

Lastly, it is really just the little things that matter in life. This could be as simple as making them a coffee before they get up in the morning, or buying them one during the mid-afternoon “crash”. This could be putting the kids to bed so she can rest for a little bit. Your wife may really love flowers, but she will love these little things even more (or in addition to). This can even be something as seemingly small as just listening to them. If they had a bad day and want to just vent about it, listening to them is the best way to show that you love them.

Anyone can buy flowers and chocolates for their loved one, but the special ones will do these actions that truly show their loved one that they care. Actions really do speak louder than words, so instead of simply telling your loved one how much they mean to you maybe you should show them. These are some of the simplest ways to show your loved one how much they mean to you.

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