Falling in love is an incredible feeling, but for some couples there comes a time when the passion starts to cool and it can make the relationship feel stale. However, your relationship doesn’t have to suffer the same fate if you know how to make things work out. Even the happiest couples have dull moments due to the daily stresses of their lives. It’s the special things they do that keep their relationship going. One of the best ways to maintain a healthy relationship is to come up with ideas on how to surprise your spouse once in awhile.

Here Are Five Tips on How to Surprise Your Spouse or Significant Other:

  1. Love Notes

Go an extra mile and surprise your partner by putting a love note in their pants or purse. If you haven’t tried this approach before, it’s an excellent way to keep the spark burning in your relationship. Love notes are good at leaving a long lasting impact especially when you use a popular love letter template.

  1. Dress Up

When couples get used to one another, they stop doing the things they used to do when they were courting. For instance, they neglect their appearances; most people don’t bother dressing up for their partner. At least once in a while, surprise your partner by dressing up for them. Putting efforts into your looks reignites the spark that brought the two of you together. And this is a great tie in to number 3, buying them a gift. In addition to dressing up for your partner, consider buying them something nice to go with your dressed-up look. For the man in your life, a new blazer or sport coat can make him feel snazzy and confident. For the woman in your life, a new and elegant dress could have the same effect! If you’re concerned about sizing, then a new piece of jewelry is also a great way to make your husband or wife feel special.

  1. Buy Them a Gift

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts once in a while? One of the best ways to surprise your partner is by buying them a special gift. The gift doesn’t have to be an expensive one, and you don’t have to get them a gift only on a special occasion. Instead, do it once in a while when they don’t expect it.

  1. Dedicate a Song to Them on the Radio

This approach seems old, but believe it or not, it works like magic. This surprise requires some prior planning by calling over to your radio station and making sure your partner is tuned to the station when you dedicate the song to them. They’ll get goose bumps when they hear your voice on the airwaves.

  1. Try New Things Together

If you are fond of doing things separately, then you should start doing this together with your lover. You can take up a yoga or cooking class, play games, cook together, etc. with your partner. As long as it’s something both of you are not used to, it will live up your relationship in a way you never imagined.


Relationships are bound to change with time, but if you put no efforts to yours, don’t expect things to work out automatically.

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